Never slow down or miss a beat.

Our pledge.

The care we show people, it extends to our clients and their products too.

  • 100% on-time performance If freight doesn’t arrive on time, then nothing else matters. So we ensure we have the team and tools to make your deliveries on schedule, every time.
  • Thermo King refrigeration units A vast majority of what we ship requires specific temperatures to maintain freshness. We’re outfitted to accommodate those needs for any load we truck.
  • Optional extended cargo insurance We take our cargo seriously, insuring whatever we truck and even providing extended insurance for high-dollar loads.
  • National routes You want a trucking company that can get whatever you need to wherever it goes with no hassles or miscommunications. Our team is well-traveled and trained with routes that cross the nation so we can pick-up and drop off where you need.
  • Tracking There’s a decided peace of mind that comes when you can follow the general movements of your shipment. That’s why we provide clients with trailers that possess some basic tracking.
  • SmartWay Certified

Your product.

The long and the short of it is, “if you make it, we transport it.” With all Peterbilt and Kenworth models and available e-trac and logistic posts, we can assure you that your goods will be looking good upon delivery. Some of our loads include:

  • Produce
  • Machinery and equipment
  • Deep freeze and ice cream capabilities
  • Furniture

Your destination.

Find your destination along our standard routes throughout the Southeast, Southwest and Northwest.

  • Michigan to Florida along I65 and I75.
  • Michigan to Northern and Southern California along I80.
  • Michigan to Arizona along various routes.
  • Michigan to Washington along various routes.